I felt more like copying some cd's     so I did until I got bored and went for a walk couldn't stop noticing all these manholes heavy heavy in the middle of the street     fuck you where concrete rectangles and white     streetlines are neatly drawn by an architects computer cold     steel above a friendly wooden ladder welcoming me     how come these temporary constructions carelessly built know how to tempt me tempt me with undesigned beauty she     took me down down deep under where a never finished tunnel stretched out an enormous dessert in the middle of town     pull of rough climbed over steel and concrete top wilderness inside hypercity     yak this is no manifest just like roof landscapes jumping from roof to roof     just can't stop seeing holes in the city     unnoticed enough to build no fixed form no official address no nothing originating from only accidents     so I started collecting errors all thrown away poems for free the posters half blown away eroded words using every bit of collapsed buildings appreciating errors forming undefined space     unprofitable and there we meet.

door Jeroen Debroey