# (bogdomkantoor) 2007-1-4 21:14:35

Vandaag kregen we spam met reclame voor viagra, valium, cialis, ambien, soma en xanax in onze meelboks. Normaal is dit overwegend en gemiddeld genomen kut. Maar deze keer zat er een gedichtje bij! Het ging als volgt:
I nodded and thought-then smiled. Correct, Admiral. Why dont we
This guy is a bit of a weirdo, Madonette said disgustedly. He
More blows to his head. He tried to rise, his legs were kicked from
and the bullet thudded into it. A briefcase.
narcs - we have come to your sunny planet to bring you the music known
Steengo came in soon after, swinging along on crutches and looking
The guard, spear lowered and pointed at me, stood her ground. The
All here in Paradise were possessed of a great depression when you
but I had to see how fast he could move before I took him on. I had to